Monday, December 12, 2005

The Finale....

Picture taken September 28: Vancouver International Airport

One of the things we have realized traveling is that you appreciate what you have back home.....tapping the rockies never gets old.

As Walt Whitman wrote in Leaves of Grass.."The more things change the more they stay the same"

It has been a great experience these last couple of months. You can see near the end of the Kepler hike that we are already easing into the relaxing last stetch of our travels.

FYI: The water in the Fiord lake behind was a frigid 8 degrees Celsius. We swam! Boo yeah Jim!!

We would like to thank everyone for visiting the blog and for posting comments.

Its been good fun. Looking forward to connecting in person real soon.

On Friday December 16th some festivities will be had at the Madison in Toronto (at 9:30); the final leg of our 2005 world tour. Everyone is cordially invited and we hope to see you there.

Cheers mates!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Miford Sound, Kepler Track....

#1 Here we have lovely Milford Sound, often called the 8th wonder of the world. Majestic scenery indeed!

#2 Here is Jamie walking day 2 of the Kepler...gorgeous

#3 Here is Ryan crossing one of the many wire bridges on the Kepler. This is day 3 of walking a ridiculously long distance of 35 km (in one day) over varying terrain. We are pretty dog on tired at this point...

#4 Here are the Murphy lads on top of the world, hiking Day 2 of the Kepler Track. It was tough going but well worth it. One of the best days ever...

New Venture: Raise Alpacas for serious loot!!

Our father's and Uncle Pat's worst nightmare: Paid Louing!!!!

Its a sheep, its a plane, no hold on, its an alpaca!!Stupid little buggers! Probably make a good set of long johns!Ain't no cashemere if you ask us!

Hot Damn, I hear those alpacas bring in a whole lotta coin! Betcha you can "fleece" the poor bastard who made the disastrous decision to set up an alpaca operation!

Hussey, Henley, Abbas: We have forwarded your contact info...expect negotiations on the property to begin immediately! (Inside info: The farmer can't last till the New Year!)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Golfing in the South Island/Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike/Queenstown

Here, young Smithwick tries to deliver his best Davis Love III impression (DL III hit it good here!. Although, the words "a little too much gravy on that biscuit" were uttered after the ball was launched.

Note to reader: "I made Birdie on this hole!" Booyahh JIM! (**Ryan made 3 birdies himself during the round)

Other phrases uttered during the round by Ry and Jamer included "I don't care where it goes, thats exactly what i'm tryin to do!"

This is the trusty 'copter that took us up and down the Franz Josef Glacier. Franz Josef by the way was the Emperor of Austria at the time of its discovery. What a thrill to be up in a helicopter. Magnificent views of the Glacier, surrounded by moutains on either side, and the Rainforest at the base of the ice.
Here is a cool pic of the lads on the glacier. It was actually quite a clear day up top with blue skies but some low cloud cover moved in during the latter stage of the heli hike. You can see the great shape we are in from all of the treking and golfing we have been doing. Cheers blokes, fire up another Speights brew ("The Pride of the South!").

Note: This trip was recommended to us by Cameron Macniven. Apprently he took a few nasty spills on the glacier as he is very uncoordinated but nonetheless managed to have a terrific time.
Is anyone getting tired off the fact that there are a lot more pictures of Ryan on this blog than me??? Yeah I thought so. (We trade off on clearly you know who this is)
Anyhew....this is Queenstown harbour! Absolutely beautiful! That yellow and red beast in the back is 700 horses! Yeah C'mon! "Horsepower! Its Awesome!"
Here is young Ivan Bobrov...I mean Ryan looking like he scaled a huge glacier. He would have if he hadn't been helied in!

But yes...the pick axes were extremely useful during the steep parts!

ps. Young Harold was spotted on the glacier!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Heading South in New Zealand--Yeah c'mon!

This pic was taken near the top of Mount Tangario (mispelled)...better known as Mount Doom from the 3rd espisode of Lord of the Rings. It snowed, rained and was unbelievably windy hiking to the top. As you can see young Smithwick is posing in front of a cliff with a huge drop off. Visibility was real poor with fog...quite an experience though. Many had to turn back on the hike but once again the Murphy bros. showed their might and prevailed...completing the 7 hour crossing.

Here is young Jamer seen hiking Tangario once again. Beautiful, changing scenery as you can see. Very majestic. Below, Ryan is seen posing with his good looking Falcons cap on a sea of Volcanic Rock at Mount Doom. The Day was blistery, rainy and snowy, a tad eerie in fact. Quite a hike though!
Here, Ryan is caught cruising and chekcing out the nice scenery on the Kings Cruise Boat in the Bay of Islands. The landscape really looked like a good spot to build a golf course. It might be worth calling Greg (Norman) to begin designing a beautiful layout in the region..

This shot was taken at a Maoria cultural sight in Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty in the North Island. This town had a real spiritual presence with the hot mud pools, steaming hot springs and ghazers (volcanos that errupt--as seen behind. The only issue we had with the area was the smell of Sulpher, which permeated. Nonetheless we learned some Maoria words and phrases including "Ki-Ora" As well, we learned the intimidating dance that the Maori warriors and the All Blacks perform to scare their enemies---tongues out and eyes wide. Looks like that tactic worked well against England in Rugby!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Leaving Melbourne...starting our New Zealand Leg!

Crusing through the Bay of Islands (Northern New Zealand). Jamie S Murphy looks to have a future career with National Geographic with this awesome shot of a Killer Whale that was just off the side of the ship.
Late Morning. Just picked up a sweet rental car.

Enjoying Auckland's fine cultural flavor!

"Mate two Grand slams ASAP"

A pic...further on in our cruise in the Bay of Islands...a pod of dolphins showing off in our wake!

In Melbourne...checking out how exams are going for these poor bastards at the Uni!

Great city...late nights enjoying the big England comeback against Argentina on the pitch! Hussey probably ordered a round of Budweisers after the win!
(However all is not well in Jolly old England...see below)

A couple days after NZ was awarded the 2011 Rugby World Cup....the All Blacks beat England once again. Where is that English 2003 team? Once again the All Blacks are on top of the Rugby world.

And as for this is the Auckland Sky Tower. Pretty Impressive. The Government would only help fund it if it was taller than the Sydney tower. It is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Outback Adventures (more)

Geoff White spotted in Central Australia, about to hike off to Ayers Rock. Well done fetching that pale of water..

And correction Mr. White. My summer light beer of choice is Coors Light.

yeah' c'mon!

Odette Hardcore!

Here, you can see our trusted guide who took us through the Outback. He is really enjoying the view

A real Bushman and a good bloke.

Young Smithwick celebrates an epic journey up a peak in the Flinders Ranges. Gorgeous scenery

As you can see he is nicely fitted with a Rebock sponsored Lovett Track jersey. Appropriate because our guide coined us the fastest hikers he had seen in his twenty years of work.

A beautiful seen of the painted desert. We spent an evening here, and happened to run into an Aussie bloke who had set the record for the longest bike jump in the world (130 feet) earlier that day near this setting. Sponsors from Red Bull and the Guinness Book of World Records were also present. They invited us back for heaps of free food and strong drink--including uliminted Red Bull and Tooheys New.

Here we are just awakening near a hot spring where we set up camp for the night. The spring was about 37 degrees celsius.

You can see that we fit the part of experienced bushmen...

We had to scare off dingos that night after they came near our packs.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Outback Adventures

Number one essaie!

Ryan is maning the window of an old post office in a true ghost town of the Outback.
This tranquil site was about to change with a scary but magnificent desert lighting storm.

See our white Land Cruiser on the bottom left.

The desert landscape changes constantly and as you see here there are some areas that become quite green with rain.
ahhhh...Here is the most remote border crossing for the South Australia and Northern Territory Border!

The road we took faces almost zero traffic...only REAL bushmen (please refer to picture on the left) tackle such difficult terrain!

Our last night in the desert country! What a great way to cap off such a wonderful ten days!

Davis: Thanks for the recommendation!


Outback Adventure--10 Days from Adelaide to Alice Springs

This strapping lad is pictured in an underground home in Coober Pedie--a mining town known for producing large quantities of Opal. This 70's style shag pad comes with all the trimmings, including a built in bar. These homes are very typical in the area because they are an escape from the outdoor heat, which soars to over 55 degrees celsius.
Here we are pictured sitting in the world's largest tire. This pic was taken at a large strip mine in the desert. We thought Papa would enjoy this pic. The vehicle used to transport mine materials is real heavy duty. They only get women to drive these machines because the vehicle cannot be driven safely at over 7km/hour.
This pic was taken at Kings Canyons in the middle of Australia. It was quite a so many in the Outback. It was a real hot day but we were able to escape to a couple of swimming holes in the canyon. Perhaps Bradley Davis will recall a few of these Bush sights.

Go Dawgs!

Adelaide--South Australia

Here, we were surprised to spot our friend Nik Kabutey pedaling away in South Australia- Small world! He pedaled quickly and smoothly in his white boots and bright red Coca-Cola jersey.
During our few days in Adelaide we ventured into the famed Barossa Valley for a day of Whine Tasting. We enjoyed product from 5 different vineyards, both small and large. Here, we are at one such vineyard enjoying a game of croquet in the bright sunshine. Our natural athletic ability was displayed as we took a break between whine tastings...

"License to Chill"-Wasting Away in the Whitsundays

Please note Jimmy's great anchor chain....